The marvel of the industrial age was that at the sacrifice of a craftsman's finish, the essential components of a comfortable lifestyle were made accessible to a great majority of the population. Mechanization, mass-production and management extended the limited reach of ad-hoc ingenuity and transformed raw materials and subsistence labour into the massively productive edifice that we recognize today as industry.

We Have Everything We Need,

The project of industry has been largely effective at improving the quality of life of nearly everyone that subscribes to it. Advancements in the bulk of the last two centuries have made it possible to live longer, and materially healthier and wealthier lives. We have built a landscape of industrial technology that we can mine for endless opportunities.

With these fundamental bases covered, there is no longer as much of a question of how we will make our way, but how we will choose to do so.

But do We Need Everything We Have?

Each new option dilutes our attention