The implementation guide is contingent on an implementation, which, at the time of this writing () is still in pieces. Until further notice, everything in this document should be considered speculative.

Installing the engine

First you install Ruby, then run:

gem install intertwingler

You will probably need to install a back end for the graph database; I use lmdb

Okay how about installing on AWS or whatever

Configuring Intertwingler

say what website(s) you wanna run

say what plugins you wanna use

say what things you want to treat as full documents vs fragments

how to run local/standalone

how to jack Intertwingler into apache/nginx/varnish/whatever

Working with an instance

the transformation pipeline

display templates


Extending Intertwingler

write a content handler

write a transform

Porting Intertwingler

Intertwingler is meant to be a demonstration platform/blueprint for analogous systems in other programming languages

Intertwingler is intended to be able to interact with systems like it that are written in other languages