This graphic simulates an allocation of hours over weeks, with a minimum of hours per week and a maximum of . We expect % of the goals to take 80% of the time.

Chronological (squashed to fit) Sorted by rank (full scale) 0 40 Hours 50 Weeks

The purpose of this simulation is to get a sense of the shape of the process described by the parameters above. Each colour represents a response to an issue; time is represented in units of 4 hours. The blockier graphic above depicts a hypothetical timeline along which the work takes place. The second graphic shows relative composition: in chronological order on the left—square-rooted to fit on the screen—and sorted by size on the right, shown at full scale. Values in the graphics are randomly generated. You can drag the numbers to change them, which implicitly generates new graphics, or touch the visualizations themselves to regenerate new random values, and experience how the same parameters can vary in their results.