This document is in progress. Nearly all pages past the first section (URIs, Resources and Representations) are placeholders.

The World Wide Web is well into its second decade of service, replete with little-known and grossly under-utilized capabilities that have been present since Day One. Pre-existing functionality that would greatly improve both the experience and the technical quality of a given Web product is often replicated if touched at all, and the proverbial wheel gets reinvented: poorly, and at a higher cost.

Drawing thus from a principle of over-all least action, the purpose of this document is threefold:

  1. To explore and catalogue the lesser-known aspects of Web resources, HTTP, markup and meta-data; and
  2. To provide a suite of recommendations for what capabilities to employ, and how and when to use them.
  3. To act as reference material for an implementation plan for a Semantic Web application framework, which will be REST from the ground up, and will also eventually drive this site.

This document currently comprises of the following segments: