hooray for lacunae!

the web offers instantaneous publication, but as you can see from the previous article that

an ostensibly innocuous task like naming a resource all of a sudden has significant implications

email programs, blogs etc have "save draft" but that is lacking

describe how content generation is a totally separate part of the process from the editorial and/or curatorial parts

research, notes, sketches, diagrams, models, outlines, supporting work (lexicon, character sketches, world-building)
producing a cohesive end-to-end draft or manuscript
proofreading, fact checking, house style, peer review, etc
the actual industrial part of how it looks, how it is disseminated, how it fits in with the rest of the world - typesetting, copyfitting, linking, indexing, decoration, syndication, life cycle

The state of the art of computing drops us right into the authorial phase, with flimsy if any functionality for exploring, editing and curating our work. The precision of the computer, combined with the veneer of professional quality projected by contemporary software, deceives onlookers into thinking a product is finished when it is far from it. There is such a thing as too precise.