Who I Am

That, and what you can see in the photo, is about all I'm willing to commit to, identity-wise. Except for possibly:

I am a Maker

I divide the world into finders and makers, of which I identify with the latter. This is a bias that runs so deeply, it's about the only definite assertion I'm willing to make about myself that isn't an accident of my genes or my environment. Making things is how I interact with the world and how I make myself useful to the people around me.

I Want to Understand

I make things in order to understand. I understand in order to make things. It's a self-reinforcing feedback loop of complementary goals and behaviour, and it's pretty much what I live for. Simple, really.

Understanding a problem is the first step toward solving it. Once a problem is solved, the solution will continue to work until the problem phases out of existence or mutates into something else. Even then, solutions to past problems can contribute to those of the future. This is how I roll.

I Synthesize, Rather than Specialize

A specialist trains under a discipline which is at least organized enough to have a name and confer a job title. By contrast, I'm fairly committed to occupying the space between disciplines, so I have no job title. A certain level of professional liminality keeps one from being typecast; I'm just cranking it up a notch.

If I specialize in anything, it's learning: getting the information required to gain comprehension over a problem space, synthesizing a solution and explaining it to others. That activity crosses domains so much that to tie it to any one of them would ruin the magic. As such it's best to think of me a professional outsider.