I manufacture language for thinking and talking about concepts for which little or no language already exists.

In order to trade, collaborate, organize or even solve moderately complex problems, we must transform our thought into some kind of external representation, like speech, pictures or gestures and the artifacts that embody them. The meaning of these representations must be understandable among all those who interact with them if there is to be a successful interchange. It is prudent not to take this condition for granted, especially in an age in which novel ideas and the innovators that generate them are multiplying at an unprecedented rate.

The phrase manufacture language is a specimen of its own meaning, though the act is not limited to writing pithy phrases, or essays, or even writing at all. Rather, it is about creating a model of concepts and the relationships between them, annotating the model's anatomy and developing effective visual and textual (and any other necessary) representations thereof. The purpose is to establish a conceptual focal point, a kernel of understanding capable of supporting collaboration and further development.

In business, such a device is used to yoke what research is inventing to what production is making to what marketing is selling, by establishing a common vocabulary for everybody to use. If you think your organization could benefit from a framework of this kind, you can hire me to make one for you.