They say the internet is serious business, so let's get down to it. Job description you ask? How about something like, I'm a consulting designer who works primarily with information, which these days usually has something to do with computers.

Business Infrastructure

I create digital tools and systems to fill the irregular gaps in an organization's workflow, and help them plan how they'll handle their information infrastructure going forward. I'm also the guy who reads the documentation nobody else wants to.

Organizing Chaos

Structure, categorize, label, visualize. I develop innovative techniques for helping people orient themselves in an ocean of data and content, and direct them to what they're looking for. This process, and its outcome, is typically called information architecture.

Tools (& Toys) for Thinking

Complex ideas sometimes need to be modeled in an interactive environment to help people understand them. Sometimes the best way is a serious tool, and other times it's a fun toy.

A person who works with information could very well be doing anything for anybody. What determines how well we work together is how aligned our values are:

Durable Assets

I work to provide my clients with something of value that they own and that lasts. I try to put them on track to do more of the same.

Information > Technology

Digital technology may be new, but the problems it tackles are as old as history itself. What does this or that mean? Who gets access to what? What happens if they do? Tech is about method while information is about meaning. Meaning should always take precedence over method, unless there's a good reason for it not to.

Maintenance & Care

All new construction can be reframed as repairing a broken context—filling a hole with something that was missing. This attitude pervades all of my work.

Incremental Development

It has been known since almost as long as software has existed that the best way to make it is stepwise. Not only does incrementalism keep the risk down, but you often need several rounds of feedback to get the results right.

A Strong Commons

I am deeply committed to using and developing open standards and open-source software. It's not just a noble mission: these also tend to make for the highest-quality materials.

Equitable Relationships

A healthy relationship is one that you can safely get out of. In the IT world, this is increasingly rare. I am always looking out to mitigate my clients' dependency on specific vendors, including me.


I basically write for a living, but that doesn't stop me when the meter is off. I do it in three main places, in decreasing order of silliness.


I use Twitter to monitor what's going on, spout banalities, and sometimes think out loud.